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We appreciate your interest in enrolling at Dillon Christian School. If you are interested in enrolling, student admission application forms are available in the school office. Forms must be completed and returned to the office along with a non-refundable registration fee.

Below are some guidelines to help you understand and begin the enrollment application process:


  • Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before September 1 of the upcoming school year.
  • Dillon Christian Preschool students have first priority in kindergarten admissions, provided their applications are received prior to the deadline. 

Current Students

  • If you are re-enrolling, you must complete a re-enrollment form and submit it (with a non-refundable registration fee) prior to the deadline. Class placement depends on class size and availability.

New Students

  • The applicant must be making satisfactory academic progress, which includes positive behavior from his/her immediate school. Any student expelled from his/her present school, including being sent to an alternative program, and unable to return at the time of application with DCS will not be considered for enrollment with DCS.
  • Admission will be denied to any student who has failed two or more grades prior to their enrollment at DCS.
  • All students are admitted on a nine-week trial basis contingent upon academic progress, behavior, and parental cooperation.

Attendance at Dillon Christian School is a privilege; the school administration may at any time request the withdrawal of a student who, in the opinion of the administration, does not submit to the school’s philosophy and/or regulations.

DCS has an open admissions policy without regard to race or sex and will not permit discrimination against any student.

Registration Procedures

The following information is required before the Admissions Committee makes a final enrollment decision on student acceptance:

  1. The signed, completed Application Form, Statement of Cooperation, and Intent to Enroll (grades 5-12) should be received. All parents who enroll their children at DCS are to sign the Statement of Cooperation which indicates to the school their willingness to support the school in all endeavors. Should there come a time that the support of the parent can no longer be given, then, we would ask the parent to withdraw the student from the school.
  2. A copy of the most recent report card and/or school transcript including achievement test results for children in grades 1-12.
  3.  A state certified copy of the child’s birth certificate for children in grades K5-12.
  4. A State of South Carolina Certificate of Immunization for children in grades K5-12 should be in the office on file on or before the first day of school.
  5. Completion of any required testing that may be necessary.
  6. Attendance at an orientation session with the Head of School for children in grades 1-12.

Please contact Pansy Williams, our Director of Admissions, via email with any questions (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).