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Faculty and Staff

Meet our staff.

Brent Hardy

Head of School

Kimberly Rice

Guidance/IT/H.S. Student Council Advisor

Pansy Williams

Admissions & Tutorial Director, Elementary Administrative Liaison, H.R. & SCISA Activities Director

Summer Coleman

Data Manager, Administrative Assistant

Anna Love

Administrative Assistant, Full Time Sub

Megan Hubbard

Director of Public Relations, Receptionist

Belinda Wilcox

Elementary Secretary, Elementary Receptionist, Bus Director

Elaine Arnette

Financial Manager

Emily Leggett

K-4 Teacher

Carri Lea Frost

K-4 Aid

Kathy Borden

K-4 Teacher

Robbie Arnette

K-4 Aid

Beth Adams


Kimberley Power


Ali Huggins

1st Grade

Whitney Locklear

1st Grade

Nancy Pierce


Sharon Leonard

2nd Grade

Janna Edwards

3rd Grade

Ashleigh Paige Baxley

3rd Grade

Betsy Kinlaw

4th Grade

Mary Brown

5th Grade

Cheryl Smith

5th Grade

Nichole Lewis

M.S.& H.S.English & History

Judy Osegueda

M.S. Science

Bradley Wise

M.S. Bible, Bus Monitor, IT

Don Stager

H.S. Bible & Mission Coordinator

Kay Pittman

MS/HS English

Alicia Page

HS Math

Nancy Sanders

MS/HS Math

Buddy Coward

MS/HS Science

Dawn Paul

HS Science

Daniela Jaimes

H.S. Spanish

Neil Jackson

MS/HS Bible

AJ Paris

Art & Science Activity

Anna Wise


Donell Stanley

Athletic Director & Head Football Coach

Dolores Conn

Co-Athletic Director & P.E.

Chris Alphin

PE/Strength & Conditioning Coach

Christian Wolfe

Facilities Director, P.E.

Cheryl Stubbs

Music Director/Warrior Best Program

Donna McMillan

Warrior Best Program

Millie Stanton

After School Tutorial

Vickie Allen

After School Tutorial

Lenora Wright

4K/5k After School Tutorial

Ciera Jones


Kim Jordan

School Resource Officer

Chris Johnson

Bus Driver

Christina Campbell

Bus Driver

Renee Bethea


Charles McKellar


Keisha Brown


Sammie, Lisa, Tracy, Amanda

Cafeteria Staff