• Faculty


Thomas Allen - Middle School Bible
Elaine Arnette - Financial Secretary
Fran Bauguess - High School History
Renee Bethea - Custodian
Angie Bissell - 4th Grade
Mary Brown - 5th Grade Bible/English
Sandy Carpenter - Cafeteria Assistant
Dee Conn - Physical Education and Assistant Athletic Director, Administrative Team
Buddy Coward - High School Science
Bambi Eggert - High School English
Dea Graves - 1st Grade
Officer Jamie Hamilton - School Resource Officer
Brent Hardy - High School Bible and Spiritual Life Coordinator
Leslie Heasley - 6th Grade
Sandy Herring - Middle School Math and Science
Melissa Hodge - Director of Fundraising and Public Relations, Economics
Betsy Kinlaw - 4th Grade
Myrna Leggett - Director of Instruction and Curriculum, Administrative Team
Rosemary Lewis - 5th Grade Math and Science
Amanda Lucius - High School History
Barbara McCall -2nd Grade
Donna McMillan - 2nd Grade
Annette McNeill - Cafeteria Manager
Kelly McNeill - Elementary Science Activity, Administrative Assistant
Marsha Minges - Bus Driver
Larry Monahan - Dean of Students
Mickie Moody - 3rd Grade
Ashley Norton - Art
Alica Page - High School Math
Dawn Paul - High School Science
Heather Peeler - 1st Grade
Marylin Petty - Spanish Instructor
Nancy Pierce - Kindergarten
Kammeron Polverari - Middle School  and High School English
Kim Power - Kindergarten
Kimmie Rice - Guidance/College & Careeer Counselor, Computer Instructor
Nancy Sanders - High School Math, Administrative Team
Millie Stanton - After-School Tutorial
Cheryl Stubbs - Librarian, Music
Pansy Williams - Director of Admissions
Christian Wolfe - Athletic Director, P.E., Varsity Football Coach, Administrative Team