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Dillon Christian School - Mission
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Mission Statement

Dillon Christian School exists to provide spiritual leadership to our community by partnering with parents to train children to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Core Values

Biblical Philosophy

We strive to integrate biblical truth and the character of God into all education at DCS. We believe that God is absolute truth and is the final authority in all matters of life. We believe that the Word of God is the standard for all decisions.

We believe that each individual, being created in the image of God, is of supreme worth and is created for the purpose of glorifying God. We value integrity in all relationships as we demonstrate communication, obedience, and accountability, as well as mercy and forgiveness. 

A Personal, Active Relationship with Jesus Christ

We desire that each student have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where students and staff members can actively grow in their faith.

Development of the Whole Person

We value each student as a unique creation by God, and our mission is to equip each student academically, spiritually, socially, and physically to his/her fullest potential. We desire that each student will love and pursue truth, live honorably, think critically, communicate persuasively, and be physically active.

We endeavor to provide opportunities for every student to use his/her unique, God-given gifts.

Academic Excellence

We provide teachers who see their role as helping each student reach his/her full potential. Our curriculum is designed to provide an education that is comprehensive and challenging. Students are taught to think critically in the context of a biblical worldview.

Building of Community

We believe that God holds parents responsible for the education of their children. We seek to glorify God by partnering with families and Bible-believing churches in educating future generations through a Christ-centered approach to teaching and learning.

DCS holds a sacred trust to partner with parents, churches, and the Holy Spirit in molding the lives of its students from a Christ-centered perspective.

Great Commission

Our goal is to prepare our students to be servant leaders in the world. Characteristics of a servant leader include exercising humility over pride, taking time to listen rather than being judgmental and modeling behavior versus demanding it.

We desire that our student leaders be equipped with a strong biblical faith, moral courage, spiritual discernment, and academic integrity to impact society for Christ. We desire that our students take action in fulfilling the Great Commission by challenging them with opportunities to serve locally, regionally, and overseas.

Statement of Faith

1. We believe in personal salvation by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ which He shed on the Cross of Calvary for remission of sins for all who believe.
2. We believe that the entire Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God.
3. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was raised bodily from the tomb and now sits at the Father’s right hand in heaven making intercession for all born again people.
4. We believe that Christ will return bodily to call His church unto Himself.
5. We believe in the eternal security of the born again believer.